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KARI MAUKONEN            Master of Laws


Consultant in Law and Security affairs.  Private law office.

Antinkuja 3 D 11, 60800 Ilmajoki, Finland.

tel 358 040 1346800  and +639392607798 (Philippines)


Only private:

skype karmanlaki                    facebook  Laki Turva

twitter:  Kari S. Maukonen      LindedIn:   Kari Maukonen

Master in laws (trained in the bench).  License to handle court cases.

I help my clients in many different cases in courts and otherwise, specially e.g.:   Immigrants cases,  custody cases and other problems in divorce, administral cases, crime cases specially victims, security branch cases, complaiments to chancelor of justice etc.

Also security and law courses (own and lessions in schools etc)